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Holiday Club

Wednesday 22nd July - Tuesday 1st September 2020

In line with the government guidelines, we will be running the Holiday Club in an outdoor environment thereby reducing the risk of infection. The Government guidelines state 'As the risk of transmission is considerably lower outdoors, providers who normally run sessions indoors should consider whether they are able to do so safely outside on their premises.' Open spaces allow children to naturally engage in social distancing. They are in their own unique bubble, under the umbrella of the experienced members of staff at The Old Forge Day Nursery. An outside Holiday Club provides an ideal opportunity for children to start getting into a routine of mixing with other children, within a more relaxed, free environment and for some a nice preparation for returning to School. These Forest School sessions are held at our secondary Forest School site at Findern Primary School. We have a number of sheltered areas down in Forest School to protect the children from the elements. Handwashing and toileting facilities are also provided. Delicious meals will be cooked on the fire.

The activities

  • Forest School - Excavation Week Wednesday 22nd July Over the summer period, we will be spending our time in Forest School, focusing on different themes each week. Each day will be planned with lots of activities as well as campfire cooking. We will be turning our Forest School into an excavation site this week, learning all about dinosaurs, how they evolved, what they did to help our environment and the changes that happened over the years. We will be creating our very own excavation site ready for our dinosaur dig!
  • Forest School - Dinosaur Dig Thursday 23rd July Spades at the ready! We will be learning to become Palaeontologists, digging and finding dinosaur bones and fossilised materials to study and create suggestions about dinosaurs and the different breeds. Creating conversation topics about diets, habitats and the climate of their surroundings.
  • Forest School - Dinosaur Constructions Friday 24th July We will be looking at creating our very own dinosaur structure with natural materials such as sticks, leaves and anything else we can find. Whether that will be a small one on a piece of paper or a life-size one on the floor. We will also be using clay to create our very own dinosaur model as a memento to take away from our dinosaur week qualifying as a newly qualified palaeontologist!
  • Forest School - Mindfulness week Monday 27th July This week will be focussing on mindfulness, with the current situation happening, sometimes all we need to do is stop, listen and focus on our senses, calmly and with intention. We will each find our very own 'sit spot' where each day we will sit in the exact same spot and write down the sounds and sights that we can see and hear. At the end of the week we can compare how things change from day to day. We will also do some colour matching, to pay more attention to detail and colours in the natural environment.
  • Forest School - Wind mobiles and Outdoor Yoga Tuesday 28th July We will be making our very own wind mobiles out of natural materials, this could be one where the objects make noises or just one that has objects that spin around in the wind. We will also be taking some time in the day to do some animal and nature yoga. Creating different positions to hold for 20-30 seconds to try and connect with nature and to be able to focus on breathing, and stretching our muscles.
  • Forest School - Sensory Jar and Meditation Story Wednesday 29th July Today with your own clear bottle or jar that you have brought from home, we will create a natural sensory bottle/jar, we can then add water and even some glitter to create a masterpiece. As well as the sensory jar, we will also be taking some time for a meditation story called 'Little Blue Frog'. We will each find a space where we will do some breathing activities whilst keeping our eyes closed, the story will be read and occupy the mind by imagining what is happening through the story.
  • Forest School - Planting and Natural Towers Thursday 30th July Today we will be planting some seeds into individual pots to take home and watch grow. We will be planting lavender. This scent is well known for its calming benefits and can be used as an indoor plant as the aroma will help keep the calmness throughout your household. We will also be making some log and rock towers, with all the irregular shapes of natural objects this will focus the mind to construct something that will balance and the only thoughts going through the mind will be on the task in hand.
  • Forest School - Sit Spot discussions and Bubble Wands Friday 31st July Today we will look at what information and changes we have found from our 'sit spot' each day and discuss our findings with the group. We will also be making our very own bubble wands and create some natural and calming bubble mixture to use alongside it. With our mindfulness week coming to an end, we will also discuss what we found we enjoyed and what we can use in our sessions in the future to be able to keep a fresh and focussed mind without any worries or anxieties.
  • Forest School - Creativity and Arts Monday 3rd August This week we will be looking at creativity and arts within Forest School. Today, we will take a pencil to paper and create a drawing of what we can see in front of us, whether that is from our original 'sit spot' or whether it is our favourite part of Forest School. Later, we will look at making some chalk paints to finish of our masterpiece! The next Picasso's are about to emerge!
  • Forest School - Mandala Arts Tuesday 4th August Mandala Arts are believed to represent different aspects of the universe. We will look at making our own nature Mandala's by finding natural resources around us and creating a masterpiece. This could be anything from the traditional style, or to creating an image of their choice. We will then go round all the beautiful pieces of arts and discuss our creations!
  • Forest School - Mud Paint Extravaganza Wednesday 5th August Today, will be all about mud! From mud painting to mud face paints, and mud models, we will be seeing how many uses we can make out of mud. Imagination is key!
  • Forest School - Nature Hunting Thursday 6th August We are going to be playing the 'Duplication Game'. This is where we have an object and the task is to go and find as many objects that are the same, this will help with observation and memory skills. With these objects we have found, we will be creating a beautiful collage.
  • Forest School - Clay Play Friday 7th August We will be making tree clay faces today, whether that be a face portrait or a magical face we will be getting our creativity on for it! Then, we will also make different objects or animals to represent our favourite thing about Forest School or nature.
  • Forest School - Fantasy Monday 10th August Over the week, we are going to take a look at all things fantasy! Today, we will be starting off by dragon hunting! We will be making homes for the dragons and describing what they may look like and the food they eat. We will make their food using different things found in the area, adding a bit of water and mixing together the magical food!
  • Forest School - Witches and Wizards Tuesday 11th August Potions and perfumes! Time to become Witches and Wizards, making wands and broomsticks and finding our very own cauldron! Creating spells to create some magic.
  • Forest School - Pirates Wednesday 12th August We are going to be creating our very own treasure maps for our fellow Pirate friends to follow and building our own Pirate Ship! Who will succeed in finding the treasure or will you be made to walk the plank?
  • Forest School - Fairies Thursday 13th August Ever wondered where the fairies appear from in the woodlands? Well, today is where we will figure it out. We will create some fairy doors to put on different trees, creating our very own little garden for them. Using sticks and other natural objects we can extend their houses to make a garden for them and we will be creating a fairy story!
  • Forest School - Detectives Friday 14th August There has been a disturbance overnight in Forest School by different creatures, it's our job to find out what it could be, tracking footprints finding clues and discussing what it could be that has made all this mess in Forest School. But, that is not where it ends, its time for the detectives to act out the animals every move to get more evidence.
  • Forest School - Wildlife and Nature Monday 17th August This week we will be taking a look at wildlife and nature around us. Today we are going to create a bug hotel at Forest School to welcome in insects, bees and butterflies, to create a learning opportunity to help understand their uses and how they help our natural surroundings. We will then be going on a scavenger hunt to find different objects and to also see what other habitats we can find insects in.
  • Forest School - Bird day Tuesday 18th August We will be bird watching today to see what birds are around us and start to identify the differences of each breed. To help out our friends in flight we will be making bird feeders in a quiet space in the trees. We will then create our very own bird watching station. Later, we will be working with others to create a birds nest and understanding what birds need to create their nests to bring up their hatchlings.
  • Forest School - Nature crafts Wednesday 19th August Today we will be creating lots of different things by just using leaves and sticks. We will be making leaf faces which we can then use to make our own puppet leaf show. Then, we will look at making some beautiful leaf flower crowns to be able to take home and proudly show our creations off.
  • Forest School - Clay animals and their habitats Thursday 20th August Time to get creative! We are going to be using clay to make our own model of a woodland animal, anything from a mouse, squirrel or even a fox! Then with the chosen animal, we will then create the habitat we think they may live in with natural resources found around the site and discuss why we think they live that way.
  • Forest School - Bugs and Wormery Friday 21st August To finish off our wildlife and nature week we are going to be creating a wormery with a jar brought in from home, to see how worms live. We will also all be taking part in a bug hunt and study and seeing how many bugs have moved into our bug hotel that was made earlier in the week!
  • Forest School - Tools, construction and Science Monday 24th August This week will be all about learning the safety and use of tools, construction work and endless science experiments. We are going to learn the tool talks and how to use them safely. Later on, we will use the tools such as the bow saw to cut wood, potato peelers and then onto knives for whittling and lopper for chopping sticks!
  • Forest School - Den Making Tuesday 25th August From all the wood that has been cut, we are going to be creating and building magnificent dens. Team building at its finest and working together to create their very own woodland empire! We will also be carrying on with any tool work that we would like to do.
  • Forest School - Experiments Wednesday 26th August Today we will be creating our own rain gauge with a plastic bottle brought in from home to measure the amount of rainfall each time it rains. We will also be experimenting with some chlorophyll painting and see which leaves have more chlorophyll in them.
  • Forest School - Experiments Thursday 27th August We are going to be making twig boats, to see how well they float on the water. They could be small or a slightly larger stick boat and different types of structures. The fun is seeing which will float! We will also discuss other objects in water and discover what natural objects will float and which will sink.
  • Forest School - Pond Dipping Friday 28th August Nets at the ready! We are going to be doing a bit of pond dipping at the pond in Forest School to look at what we can find in the water. We will fill a clear plastic tub with pond water and tip our findings into there to study. We will make a chart of what and how many creatures we have found, before safely returning them back to their home!
  • Bank Holiday Monday - Nursery Closed Monday 31st August
  • Forest School - History and Cave Paintings Tuesday 1st September Today we will be taking a look back in time at how people used to live and what they did to survive. We will be looking at different ways they made their paint to create their cave paintings. It is now our turn to create our very own masterpiece of a cave painting! We are also going to look at how they used to create small buildings and shelters, what natural materials the used and insulation to keep it warm, we will have a go at making a replica!

In addition to the planned activities…

The children also have access to our fabulous outdoor play area, Forest School, books, drawing supplies, Wii games, internet, and a huge selection of toys and equipment.

Items to bring…

  • Clear jar / bottle

School's Out Prices

  • Full day - £38.00 7:30-18:00 (Breakfast, snack, lunch & tea)
  • Short day - £31.00 9:00-15:30 (Snack & lunch)
  • Morning session - £26.00 7:30-13:00 (Breakfast, snack & lunch)
  • Afternoon session - £21.00 13:00-18:00 (Tea)
  • Hourly Rate - £7.50 Available 7:30-18:00 (Per hour)

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Terms & Conditions

  • Holiday club is for all children who have started attending school.
  • No registration fee is payable for school holiday club children.
  • A completed registration pack is required to secure a school holiday club place for new children.
  • A minimum of 2 weeks notice is required to secure a holiday club place. Additional sessions at late notice may be booked providing there is availability.
  • Holiday club bills are sent out on the last day of each holiday club, or every two weeks during the summer holidays.
  • Children of school age are required to provide and apply their own sun cream (nursery staff may supervise the application of them). If sun cream is not provided and is deemed necessary in order to protect your child, nursery sun cream will be supplied and the charge will be added on to your bill.
  • Holiday club regularly attend trips. Parents are always informed when a trip is planned. Every effort is made to keep any extra costs to a minimum. Additional trip payments must be made on the morning of the trip day at the latest and you will be asked to sign a consent form in order for your child to attend.
  • During trip days, it is the parents/carers responsibility to ensure your child is supplied with the appropriate clothes, footwear and any extra items required.
  • If your child is not at the nursery in time to leave for a pre-organised trip, we will leave without them. It is then the parent/carers responsibility to meet the holiday club at their trip location. If you choose not to do this, full charges will still apply.
  • Whilst every effort will always be made to keep to the planned agenda, we reserve the right to cancel or alter activities/outings without notice.
  • In the event of the holiday club being full, your child will be put onto our waiting list and you will be informed as soon as a place becomes available.