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Holiday Club / Before & After School Club

The Old School Adventure Club is our new dedicated

Holiday Club and Before & After School Club.

We’re based at:

The Old School
42 The Castle Way
Derby  DE65 6BT

tel: 01283 701 533



The Old School Adventure Club is our dedicated Holiday Club and Before & After School Club. With big open space rooms, internal toilets, a self-sufficient kitchen to continue to provide healthy breakfasts and teas, and a large safe outdoor play area, we also have access to a Forest School and outdoor activities! All activities can be spread out, allowing for social distancing to take place where possible in line with government guidelines.

The activities

  • CLOSED - BANK HOLIDAY Monday 5th June
  • Space Day Tuesday 1st June Welcome, all astronauts and aliens to our School's Out 'Space Hotel'. To get The Old School Adventure Club ready for our visitors, we will be cooking up a selection of delicious alien and space food fit for our visitors. To make them feel comfortable in our environment we will be creating paper mache planets, moon-sand, and space slime. We will also be learning about the different planets in our solar system.
  • Designer Day Wednesday 2nd June Get ready to design your own clothing range! Creating our designs on paper first, then bringing them to life on our t-shirts or any clothing you desire (Clothing will be required to bring in). In the afternoon we making jewellery and brooches to go with the item of clothing designed, ready for our cat show.
  • Save the day! Thursday 3rd June Come ready to travel space and time! Imagine being an astronaut and travelling into space. While we look for shooting stars at the national space station we can find the answer to questions such as 'how long does the moon take to travel around the world?' There will be an opportunity to experience space food and activities you might be doing in a rocket up in space and even launching rockets of our own.
  • World Environment Day Friday 4th June As World Environment Day is on the 5th of June 2021, we will be learning more about the importance of looking after the world around us. We will be looking at the recycling process and why it is important to recycle. Using recyclable materials we will be junk modelling with them and turning them into objects that we can use. As a group we will also be going around our local environment, ensuring it is clean and tidy.

In addition to the planned activities…

The children also have access to our fabulous outdoor play area, Forest School, books, drawing supplies, Wii games, internet, and a huge selection of toys and equipment.

Items to bring…

  • T-Shirt or similar (Tuesday 2nd)
  • Water bottle and outdoor clothing (Daily)


School's Out Prices

  • Full day - £39.50 / £31.60* 7:30-18:00 (Breakfast, snack, lunch & tea)
  • Short day - £32.50 / £26.00* 9:00-15:30 (Snack & lunch)
  • Morning session - £27.00 / £21.60* 7:30-13:00 (Breakfast, snack & lunch)
  • Afternoon session - £22.00 / £17.60* 13:00-18:00 (Tea)
  • Before School (Willington, Findern, Sale & Davys) - £10.50 / £8.40* 7.30 - School bell (Breakfast, play & drop off)
  • After School (Willington & Findern) - £12.50 / £10.00* School bell - 6.30pm (Pick up. light tea & play)
  • *Denotes price with 20% Tax Free Childcare Deducted - For children aged up to 11 years (See to check eligibility and full details)

Book your place


01283 701533

Terms & Conditions

  • Holiday club is for all children who have started attending school.
  • No registration fee is payable for school holiday club children.
  • A completed registration pack is required to secure a school holiday club place for new children.
  • A minimum of 2 weeks notice is required to secure a holiday club place. Additional sessions at late notice may be booked providing there is availability.
  • Holiday club bills are sent out on the last day of each holiday club, or every two weeks during the summer holidays.
  • Children of school age are required to provide and apply their own sun cream (staff may supervise the application of them). If sun cream is not provided and is deemed necessary in order to protect your child, our sun cream will be supplied and the charge will be added on to your bill.
  • Holiday club regularly attend trips. Parents are always informed when a trip is planned. Every effort is made to keep any extra costs to a minimum. Additional trip payments must be made on the morning of the trip day at the latest and you will be asked to sign a consent form in order for your child to attend.
  • During trip days, it is the parents/carers responsibility to ensure your child is supplied with the appropriate clothes, footwear and any extra items required.
  • If your child is not at The Old School Adventure Club in time to leave for a pre-organised trip, we will leave without them. It is then the parent/carers responsibility to meet the holiday club at their trip location. If you choose not to do this, full charges will still apply.
  • Whilst every effort will always be made to keep to the planned agenda, we reserve the right to cancel or alter activities/outings without notice.
  • In the event of the holiday club being full, your child will be put onto our waiting list and you will be informed as soon as a place becomes available.