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Holiday Club / Before & After School Club

The Old School Adventure Club is our dedicated
Holiday Club and Before & After School Club

We’re based at:

The Old School, 42 The Castle Way, Willington, Derby  DE65 6BT
tel: 01283 701 533

NEXT HOLIDAY CLUB: SUMMER CLUB 22nd July - 1st September 2021

We have big open space rooms, internal toilets, a self-sufficient kitchen to provide healthy breakfasts and teas, and a large safe outdoor play area. We also have access to Forest School and outdoor activities! All activities can be spread out, allowing for social distancing to take place where possible in line with government guidelines. All Forest School activities take place off-site at our dedicated Holiday Club, Forest School setting in Findern Village.  We have a number of sheltered areas in Forest School to protect the children from the elements and handwashing and toilet facilities are also provided.  Delicious meals will be cooked on the fire or picnic food will be provided as well as healthy snacks, fruit, and drinks.  Qualified members of Forest School Staff are always on hand to provide additional adult supervision as well as usual Holiday Club Staff.

The activities

  • Forest School (Inset Day) Thursday 22nd July Today we will be focussing on mindfulness. The School year is over and it's been a strange and difficult time for us all. Sometimes all we need to do is stop, listen and focus on our senses. Today we will take time out to sit and write down the sounds and sights that we can see and hear and take part in some great mindfulness activities. We will also do some colour matching, to pay more attention to detail and colours in the natural environment.
  • Forest School Friday 23rd July We will be looking at creating our very own dinosaur structure with natural materials such as sticks, leaves, and anything else we can find. Whether that will be a small one on a piece of paper or a life-size one on the floor. We will also be using clay to create our very own dinosaur model as a memento to take away from our dinosaur week qualifying as a newly qualified palaeontologist! 
  • This Is The Greatest Show  Monday 26th July We will be turning the Old School Adventure Club into a theatre and will be putting on a show for everyone. We will be looking for a variety of different parts such as scriptwriters, hair and makeup artists, lead performers, and much much more! We will begin the morning by watching a real theatre show to get ideas to write our own script. Followed by making popcorn and ice lollies for our guests later on in the day. You are welcome to bring in your own costumes or design them yourself here. In the afternoon, the show will begin. Ready? ... Lights, camera, action!    
  • Forest School  Tuesday 27th July We are going to be playing the 'Duplication Game'. This is where we have an object and the task is to go and find as many objects that are the same, this will help with observation and memory skills. With these objects we have found, we will be creating a beautiful collage.
  • Survival Day Wednesday 28th July A fun day filled with team-building exercises. We will be learning how to put up tents as a team and cooking our own dinners. We will be looking at what we need to survive in different scenarios as well as looking at the environment to see how and if we could make a home. We will be searching for what animals and creatures may also live in a forest. 
  • Conkers Trip (£8.60 extra cost) Thursday 29th July We will be leaving nursery at 9.30am and travelling to Conkers. Whilst there we will be looking around the indoor interactive exhibits, as well as exploring the Enchanted Forest. We will also be exploring some different sculptures on the Discovery site, as well as using our senses to explore the Wildlife Trail and finding different patterns and shapes along the way. Whilst looking around the minibeast trail we will be learning interesting facts about minibeasts as we explore the area. We are also going to be taking part in a barefoot walk around Conkers. A picnic is provided and children are welcome to bring some extra spending money.
  • Spa Day Friday 30th July Time to relax and unwind in The Old Forge Spa... enjoy a variety of activities, learn how to give a shoulder & head massage, create a natural mud face mask, and explore the science side of relaxing, including yoga and meditation. We will also be making a lovely body scrub that you will be able to take home and try in the bath - don't forget robes, towels, and flip-flops. 
  • Forest school  Monday 2nd August There has been a disturbance overnight in Forest School by different creatures, it's our job to find out what it could be, tracking footprints finding clues, and discussing what it could be that has made all this mess in Forest School. But, that is not where it ends, it's time for the detectives to act out the animal's every move to get more evidence.
  • I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! Tuesday 3rd August We're hosting our own Bush Tucker Trials! We will be going head to head with food tasting trials consisting of delicious tuna filled witchety grubs, mealworms, jungle ants, fish eyes, all washed down with cockroach, & piranha shakes. We will then be exploring the touchy-feely boxes to find our stars! Who can win the most stars for their teammates? Who is going to be crowned King/Queen of The Old School Jungle?  
  • Forest School Wednesday 4th August We will be making tree clay faces today, whether that be a face portrait or a magical face we will be getting our creativity on for it! Then, we will also make different objects or animals to represent our favourite thing about Forest School or nature.
  • Matlock Bath Trip (Extra cost of £8) Thursday 5th August We will be leaving at 9.00am to head to Matlock Bath where we will be exploring Matlock and having a picnic in the park for lunch. Children are welcome to bring some pennies for the arcades and maybe a stick of rock! Before leaving Matlock Bath we will be having a chippy tea (included in the price) before arriving back at nursery for 4.30pm.
  • The Old School Garden Party Friday 6th August We will be putting our cooking skills to the test in the morning, followed by hosting a Garden Party in the afternoon. Throughout the morning we will be creating decorations for the garden. Music, dancing, and party games will be taking place! 
  • In the Jungle, the mighty Jungle... Monday 9th August ... the lion sleeps tonight! And so do the snakes, monkeys, tigers, and birds. You could come as a jungle creature or part of the jungle itself! Brown trousers and a green t-shirt can turn you into a jungle tree or bright orange and yellow clothes will mean you'll shine as bright as the summer sun! We will be watching the Lion King and going on a safari around the village! 
  • Beach Themed Day Tuesday 10th August Let's make a splash! We will be turning the garden into the beach, where we will be splashing away in the paddling pools, making sandcastles, tucking into traditional fish and chips, and cooling down with ice pops! Don't forget to bring your swimming costumes/shorts, flip-flops, and towels! 
  • Rosliston Forestry Centre (Extra £3.00 cost) Wednesday 11th August We will be heading to Rosliston Forestry Centre and departing promptly at 9:30am. Whilst there, we will be seeing how many flying creatures we can find – from tiny flies to beautiful butterflies, dramatic dragonflies, and brilliant birds. We will also be looking for minibeasts in different places around the site too. A delicious picnic will be taken with us for lunch. 
  • Sports Activity Day  Thursday 12th August Ready, steady, go! We will be having a fun-filled sports day. Remember to pack your running shoes. You will have the opportunity to complete assault courses and take part in team races/games. Activities included: egg and spoon races, skipping races, football matches, and much more! We will also be taking part in sports-themed crafts, including medal making.
  • Forest School  Friday 13th August Down in Forest School today, we will be creating natural ornaments with different resources we can find outside. We will also be going on a summer scavenger hunt! Let's see what we can find! 
  • Den Building Monday 16th August Competitions will be taking place to see which team can build the biggest den! How many friends can you hide inside? Are your dens waterproof? Are they camouflaged? Your den building and teamwork skills will be put to the test - let's see which team wins! 
  • Forest School  Tuesday 17th August Today we are going to create a bug hotel at Forest School to welcome insects, bees, and butterflies, to create a learning opportunity to help understand their uses and how they help our natural surroundings. We will then be going on a scavenger hunt to find different objects and to also see what other habitats we can find insects in.
  • Adventure Golf at Branston Golf Club (Extra £5.50 cost) Wednesday 18th August Come ready to show off your golf skills at Branston's Adventure Golf range. We will then go on to Branston Water Park to have a yummy picnic and play some team games. While we are there we will also be doing some bug hunting. 
  • Forest School  Thursday 19th August  We are going to be making twig boats, to see how well they float on the water. They could be small or slightly larger stick boats and different types of structures. The fun is seeing which will float! We will also discuss other objects in water and discover what natural objects will float and which will sink.
  • CSI Day Friday 20th August Solve the mystery! What crime has been committed? Who did it?  We will be interrogating everyone and exploring around the club and the village, taking fingerprints, measuring shoe sizes, and looking for clues!
  • Forest School  Monday 23rd August Will be all about learning the safety and use of tools, construction work and endless science experiments. We are going to learn how the tool works and how to use them safely. Later on, we will use tools such as the bow saw to cut wood, potato peelers and then knives for whittling and lopper for chopping sticks!
  • Challenge Your Limits! Tuesday 24th August The key to this activity is teamwork! You will be put into mixed-aged groups and presented with a variety of different challenges e.g. Water games, Music quizzes, Bottle rockets, 'What's inside the box?', Treasure hunts, Parachute challenges and more! Who will win the challenge?   
  • Markeaton Park (Extra £3.00 cost) Wednesday 25th August Today we are off to Markeaton Park, to play team-building games, including rounders, football and lots more. While we are there we will have a yummy picnic. In the afternoon we will be going on a nature trail and looking at what bugs we find. We will end the day on the playground before we head back to the club. Children are also welcome to bring extra pocket money for ice cream or extra activities.
  • Carnival/Circus Day Thursday 26th August Time for our Old Forge Summer Carnival! We will be learning traditional carnival dancing and making our own carnival floats to parade around the garden with. Please come dressed in bright coloured clothing. Sparkles, sequins, glitters are a must! We will have our faces painted and will make colourful accessories to put on a show! 
  • PJ Party Friday 27th August Feel Good Friday. Rock up in your favourite pyjamas for a film and popcorn day. We will also be busy baking our own tea and desserts. You are welcome to bring in your favourite film and games! 
  • Closed Bank Holiday Monday 30th August
  • Let's get Messy! Forest School  Tuesday 31st August Time to get messy! We will be exploring different forms of messy play activities such as making moon sand, gloop, and much more! We will also be using a variety of different equipment to paint and mark make with such as sticks, forks, feathers, marbles, and much more. 
  • Disco Day Wednesday 1st September We will be finishing our Summer holidays with a disco!  Showing off our moves and even maybe learning some new ones! We will be looking at past discos of the 50s and looking at how they used to dance. After all this dancing we will be hungry so will be making our own party food. 

In addition to the planned activities…

The children also have access to our fabulous outdoor play area, Forest School, books, drawing supplies, Wii games, internet, and a huge selection of toys and equipment.

Items to bring…

  • Appropriate outdoor clothes for the weather
  • Water bottle, hat, sun cream (Daily)


School's Out Prices

  • Full day - £39.50 / £31.60* 7:30-18:00 (Breakfast, snack, lunch & tea)
  • Short day - £32.50 / £26.00* 9:00-15:30 (Snack & lunch)
  • Morning session - £27.00 / £21.60* 7:30-13:00 (Breakfast, snack & lunch)
  • Afternoon session - £22.00 / £17.60* 13:00-18:00 (Tasty tea)
  • Before School (Willington, Findern, Sale & Davys) - £10.50 / £8.40* 7.30 - School bell (Breakfast, play & drop off)
  • After School (Willington & Findern) - £12.50 / £10.00* School bell - 6.30pm (Pick up, tasty tea & play)
  • *Denotes price with 20% Tax Free Childcare Deducted - For school children aged up to and including 11 years (See to check eligibility and full details)

Book your place


01283 701533

Terms & Conditions

  • Holiday club is for all children who have started attending school.
  • No registration fee is payable for school holiday club children.
  • A completed registration pack is required to secure a school holiday club place for new children.
  • Holiday club bills are sent out on the last day of each holiday club, or every two weeks during the summer holidays.
  • Children of school age are required to provide and apply their own sun cream (staff may supervise the application of them). If sun cream is not provided and is deemed necessary in order to protect your child, our sun cream will be supplied and the charge will be added to your bill.
  • Holiday club regularly attends trips. Parents are always informed when a trip is planned. Every effort is made to keep any extra costs to a minimum. Additional trip payments must be made on the morning of the trip day at the latest and you will be asked to sign a consent form in order for your child to attend.
  • During trip days, it is the parents/carers responsibility to ensure your child is supplied with the appropriate clothes, footwear and any extra items required.
  • If your child is not at The Old School Adventure Club in time to leave for a pre-organised trip, we will leave without them. It is then the parent/carers responsibility to meet the holiday club at their trip location. If you choose not to do this, full charges will still apply.
  • Whilst every effort will always be made to keep to the planned agenda, we reserve the right to cancel or alter activities/outings without notice.
  • In the event of the holiday club being full, your child will be put onto our waiting list and you will be informed as soon as a place becomes available.