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Latest News from The Old Forge Day Nursery

Looking after your mental health over the Christmas period

The media portrays the festive season as a time of happiness, gifts, and great company. While this is some people’s experience, for others it can be a challenging and lonely time. The festive period can affect our mental health in many different ways. Whether or not Christmas is part of your life, your mental health […]

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EYPDP – how it will benefit your child

The Early Years Professional Development Programme (EYPDP) is a programme providing high quality, evidence-based training for pre-Reception practitioners, which we have recently signed up for. Over the course of the programme, our staff will gain qualifications in Language and Literacy, as proof of the difference they are making to increase children’s communication skills and improve […]

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Kate’s yummy recipes

We’ve uploaded some of the amazing recipes to our news section that Kate our (Award Nominated!) Senior Nursery Cook has devised and will be using over the next six months on the Autumn/Winter menu. We’re serving a sample of these recipes at our Open Day for existing parents and we’re sure they will be really […]

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Lemon Mousse

Lemon Mousse With so many children having an intolerance to eggs these days Kate has made up a very quick and simple recipe for an eggless mousse. (Don’t worry the children have loads of eggs in other meals) 1kg full fat greek yoghurt 600ml double cream 4 lemons 200ml Agave nectar or maple syrup Thoroughly […]

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Aubergine Flapjack Bake

Aubergine flapjack bake This is one of Kate’s favourite recipes. Big Bears made it as a cooking activity for tea and she adopted their recipe – Taste-testing it of course to ensure it was ok for the children, she was hooked! It is sooo delicious especially served just warm. 200g rolled oats 1 medium aubergine […]

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Olive & Feta Hummus

Olive and Feta Hummus This lower-fat version of hummus is ideal for growing children. It’s packed with protein, fibre and good fats. Unlike traditional hummus, I omit the tahini (sesame paste) to avoid the high risk of allergic reaction and leave out the lemon as the children seem to find it too bitter otherwise. 2 […]

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