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Car Parking

We have reviewed our car parking at nursery to ensure parents and carers can drop off and collect safely and to increase the parking spaces with minimal impact to our neighbours.

We have created some drop off spaces directly in front on the fence and have marked these with signs and indicated the parking on the attached parking plan.

If drop off or collecting may take a little longer please use these designated areas as it allows other drivers to get in and out of the nursery easier.

When parking at nursery, please can we ask that nobody parks outside the house next door to the nursery (opposite The Barn) or outside the gate for The Barn, as this restricts access to residents properties.

Please avoid, where possible, using the bottom of the street to turn your car as the neighbours who need access to get to their houses are getting very upset and we are getting lots of complaints.

Can we also request that you park with consideration to all the surrounding neighbours who need access around The Green.

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